Environment - Consciousness in the present age assumes more importance than ever. Many companies have jumped on the eco-bandwagon, and deserve praise for doing so. EllBee also follows environmental best practices, and is committed to incorporating more operational measures that contribute towards environment sustainability and protection.

Water conservation - We use the all-important natural resource – water – judiciously, and use aerators to reduce water outflow, thus conserving it.

Noise pollution – Our hotels are adequately insulated to provide guests a calm and peaceful haven, and employees a more productive work environment.

We have a serious view with regard to the excessive use of non-biodegradable plastic. To this end, we limit the use of plastic, recycle the plastic and try as much as possible to opt for eco-friendly alternatives that are completely or easily biodegradable. Our waste management practices include proper sewage treatment that ensures clean water and prevents water-borne diseases.