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Health, Safety & CSR

As a responsible service provider and employer in the hospitality sector, EllBee recognizes its duty towards the environment, and in the important areas of health and safety. We address these aspects effectively, and are committed to conducting operations in a conscientious way that demonstrates our concern and care for our customers, staff and local communities. 

Health and Safety

Our health and safety policy is comprehensive and developed keeping in mind all the critical issues in this regard, and relevant to the hospitality industry. We follow high standards of health and safety in and around our hotel premises.We have the security measures in place should there be an attack from outside elements. We are also well-equipped to tackle emergencies such as fire breakouts.

Our hotel construction and layout ensures a hygienic and accident-free zone. Regular inspections of the property for loose wiring and electrical fittings, loose mats, cracks, holes, tempered glass damages, lighting system issues, etc, are conducted and the necessary repairs/replacements are done immediately. Many hotels use chemical cleaning agents without assessing the respiratory or other health risks they may pose to sensitive individuals, those with existing medical conditions, or toddlers. To this end, we use only industry-approved chemicals that have been given a clean chit by the government. 

Our housekeeping staff works in an environment that is safe and anxiety-free. They are provided with adequate food, rest and toilet facilities. They are safeguarded against handling of chemicals or equipment that may be hazardous or toxic. Our workplace rules and ethics are geared at preventing work-related illnesses like high stress and depression.

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